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Sabrás qué hacer conmigo

Nicolás, a photographer, has suffered epilepsy since childhood and he is forced to take care of himself and sacrifice a lot, though he lives a normal life. On the other hand, Isabel is a woman who, apparently, has her whole life figured out although her mother is ill and she has no choice but to try to save her. Isabel and Nicolás fall in love in spite of themselves, their demons, their ghosts, and their weaknesses. Suddenly engaged in a relationship none of them would have even dared to imagine, they experience the love, passion, insecurity, fear, and allergy to commitment typical in people who are drifting away.


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Sabrás qué hacer conmigo (2015)
Sabrás qué hacer conmigo poster Rating: 6.6/10 (391 votes)
Director: Katina Medina Mora
Writer: Emma Bertrán, Samara Ibrahim, Katina Medina Mora
Stars: Mora Ferriol Avails, Arturo Barba, Rosa María Bianchi, Jose Angel Bichir
Runtime: 88 min
Rated: R
Genre: Drama, Romance
Released: 27 May 2016
Plot: Artistic Nicolás and enigmatic Isabel share a sudden and intense affair while grave issues simmer just beneath the surface for them both.